Tips for driving in Nicaragua

  • Check the rental car for lights, and damage before you leave, set odometer to zero
  • Roads often do not have signs, and are sometimes in bad shape, watch for potholes and speed bumps, usually unmarked.
  • People, animals, carts, wildlife, and unexpected obstacles are often on all roads, even the highway
  • Obey the solid lines, although everyone else ignores them, if caught, you will get a stiff fine.
  • If the police stop you, play ignorant, and repeat the word tourist. Also, have paper and pen ready and take down the officer’s name and number. That will usually help to get you off, unless your violation was real or serious. As a last resort offer a small amount (50 Cordobas) for a “fresco” (cool drink).
  • Watch speeds in school zones – its 45 kms per hour
  • Learn the very basic Spanish words to ask for directions:
    • Highway – Carretera
    • Roundabout – Rotonda
    • Road – Camino
    • “Looking for” – Buscar
    • Excuse me – Perdon!
    • Right – Derecho
    • Left – Izquierdo
    • Straight – Recto
    • Thanks – Gracias
    • Please – Por Favor

Driving Directions To Casa Ezulwini

  • At Airport put odometer at 0 and turn right
  • At Km 3, turn right to Tipitapa
  • At Km 10 turn sharp right
  • At Km 33 turn left to Catarina
  • At Km 37 turn right to Nandaime
  • At Km 46 turn left (you’ll go through San Juan del Oriente)
  • At Km 55.5 turn right
  • At Km 65 turn left, on to the Pan Pacific Highway (Unilever factory will be on your left after turn)
  • At Km 112 turn right on cobble road, (Just before Rivas…there will be blue signs to Tola, Rancho Santana etc.)
  • At Km 113 turn right again onto paved road, pass hospital on your left watch for hidden speed bumps
  • At Km 124 over narrow bridge, you are close to Tola, a good place to stop and buy veggies and fruit
  • At Km 127, just past the fruit stalls, turn left, then second right. Dirt road from here on.
  • Follow signs to Rancho Santana, and Iguana etc. About 15 kms in, there will be a turn left, at a pink bus stop, with more blue signs to Gigante etc. Go another few Kms, and turn right at Gigante sign painted on rock. The entrance to Redonda Bay resort is shortly thereafter, on your left. Tell the guard your name, and that you are in Casa Ezulwini, El Castil. They will call the house manager to come and get you.

Driving Directions From Casa Ezulwini To Managua Airport

  • Driving into Rivas from Tola on the paved road, pass hospital on the right hand side, turn left at the Bus stop/School on road with cobble stones around 400 meters past Hospital.
  • Set odometer at 0 at this intersection
  • At Km 1 turn left on Pan American Highway towards Masaya
  • You drive through Nandaime,
    At Km 47 make a right, direction Granada just after Unilever factory on right
  • At Km 56.5 make a left towards Masaya/Managua
  • You’ll pass through San Juan del Oriente
  • At Km 66 make a right on traffic circle to Catarina
  • At Km 75 make a left on the traffic circle in Masaya
  • At Km 79 at Papa Johns turn Right
  • You’ll pass through Zona Franca
  • At Km 102 make a (double, or sharp) left towards Managua
  • At Km 109 make a left on traffic circle, you are now on the road to the airport
  • At Km 112 AIRPORT on left

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